Showalter Auction Company LLC

Serving the midwest with honesty, integrity, and high performance since 1953

Who We Are

Abie Showalter founder and pioneering auctioneer began Showalter Auction Service back in 1953.  He immediately went to work creating new methods to maximize the auctions he held.  Most of those methods are now commonplace in the auction industry today.  His passion to serve his customers with honesty, integrity, and hard work first ignited within him at eight years of age when at his father's estate sale the acting auctioneer took advantage of him by running up the bid as he frantically tried to buy back his favorite pet.  

Today, his memory and legacy live on in Showalter Auction Co. LLC.  The torch has been passed on to the next generation who gladly continue serve customers with the same honesty, integrity, innovation and hard work that set Abie apart.  

Whether you've lost a loved one and now must sell their estate, you are retiring and want to auction off your land and machinery, or wanting to downsize your life for the changes ahead we understand these difficult decisions and strong emotions.  We stand ready to help you make the most of the legacy you've built over a lifetime.  We are the team you'll want to contact.  Thank you and we look forward to meeting you!